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What is the RBA Proxy filter?

Essentially a plug-in for Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 that lets you assign lists of allowed websites to different NT groups. Often you need to give some of your clients access to a well defined set of webservers without giving them full internet access. RBAProxy lets you define up to 15 different lists and assign them to NT groups.

Read Jeff Wierers Comments on RBA Proxy Filter: http://proxyfaq.networkgods.com/addons.htm

What's New for Version 1.0d? [download newest version] (approx. 100K)

RBAProxy.DLL is now not only an ISAPI filter but also an ISAPI extension. Call the HTTP Interface to get useful information about the Filter and it's operation. You can also add new sites to the filter list through the Web Interface provided you have enough privileges to write to the filter definition files.  (This feature can be turned off in the configuration file).


Additionally, RBAProxy now has a configuration setting to match the "Default Domain" setting in IIS. 

See Installation Notes for details.

Main Features
Why Freeware?

I originally wrote the filter for our own site (which has approx 3000 Users on 2 proxy servers). I thought It might be useful for other administrators with similar problems.

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How can I get Support?

I'll do my best to answer questions specific to RBAProxy per e-mail if time permits. Please do not send general questions about MS Proxy. Read the Proxy FAQ and use the USENET forum [news:microsoft.public.proxy] instead.

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