Erwin Richard

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In Short


Erwin Richard
Age: 36
Nationality: Swiss
Languages: German, English (CPE), French

Education and Professional Experience:

After completing Teachers Training College, I started 1985 as a systems programmer on Unisys (Sperry) 1100/2200 mainframe computers. In 1987 I began moving into the UNIX world and later to Microsoft Windows and related products and operating systems. After leading the design team to create a Windows NT and MS Backoffice based client/server application architecture for a group of Swiss banks, I now concentrate mainly on Internet and Intranet technologies.

Other Interests

Church music (member of the Collegium Vocale Zürich)
Flute playing, Cinema, Theatre

Main Interests

The following is an incomplete list of my main interests as a professional IT consultant. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to contact me on any of the following topics:

Solutions Implementation and Integration within Heterogeneous Networking Environments

Integration of Intranet and client/server technology with legacy applications

Internet / Intranet Security

Checkpoint Firewall-1 (Certified Checkpoint Security Engineer)

Internet Banking Applications / e-Commerce

Encryption / Certificates

Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Backoffice related Topics (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

Windows NT Server and Workstation (Certified Professional)

Exchange Server

Internet Information Server

Proxy Server (Certified Professional)

Systems Management Server (Certified Professional)


MS Visual C++ / ATL / MFC in a COM(+)/DCOM distributed application environment

Java Prgramming (Visual Cafe)


OOA/OOD (UML / Booch)

Visual Basic

UNIX C/C++ and Shell Programming (perl, awk etc.)

Mainframe COBOL and assembly programming

System Administration

Internet / Intranet Server Administration

Windows NT and MS Backoffice

UNIX (Solaris, SCO Unix, System V (Unisys, NCR), HP-UX)

Linux (RedHat 6.X)

Distributed Computing (OLTP, DCOM, Corba)

Performance Analysis within heterogeneous Systems

Communications and Networking

Windows NT Networking

Internet/Intranet Firewalls

CISCO Routers, Packeteer Packetshaper

E Commerce / Electronic Banking on the Internet

Technical Skills

Extensive Internet/Intranet Experience

Technical Web design and advanced HTML/Javascript coding

CGI and ASP/ISAPI application development

Integration of legacy mainframe and midrange applications

Setup and administration of internet firewalls in a high security (banking) environment

DNS designs for Internet and internal use

Experience in the setup and administration of WWW, FTP, Gopher, Sendmail/POP servers on Windows NT and UNIX/LINUX

Thorough Windows NT / Backoffice and Networking Skills / MCSE

Windows NT Advanced Server experience since May 1994 (NT 3.1),(Microsoft Certified System Engineer)

Lead of a design team to build an NT based C/S architecture for a group of swiss banks

Installation and administration of a complex NT network (300 locations throughout Switzerland, 3rd-level support)

Exchange Server setup and administration (multiple sites, connectors, integration with legacy mail systems, internet connections)

Systems Management Server (MCP)

MS Proxy Server (MCP)

Intel LANDesk Management Suite

Development / Programming

Over 10 years of C/C++ Programming on UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT

Development within the Microsoft OLE / ActiveX / DCOM Environment

Java Technologies

Internet Protocol BSD Sockets Programming / WINSOCK Development

OOA/OOD (Booch and Shlaer-Mellor)

Visual Basic / Visual Basic for Applications

Powerbuilder 4.0

SQL and Oracle OCI Programming

C/S Develompment Tools Administator in a Networked Development Environment

Unisys ClearPath IX (2200) Mainframe System Programming

System Administration

Windows NT / Backoffice based Networks


Novell Netware 3.11

Unisys OS 1100/2200 Executive and Communication Subsystems