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This ISAPI Extension provides you with a web Interface to the functionality of the ping utility. Unfortunately, MS Proxy does not support the ICMP protocol for internal clients. With ProxyPing you can diagnose connectivity problems on your Internet link from any internal Web browser.

ProxyPing is not limited to Proxy Servers, it works with plain IIS webservers too, note however that installing this utility on a server that is accessible from the internet could pose a security risk, because depending on your network design, an internet user could spy on your internal network.

If you enabled Web publishing, make sure that proxyping.dll is not accessible from the internet. Proxy ping does not work for anonymous users, that is you cannot enable Anonymous Acces to it, because the Anonymous User does not have enough permissions to send ICMP packets through the network.

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Why Freeware?

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How can I get Support?

I'll do my best to answer questions specific to proxyping.dll per e-mail if time permits. Please do not send general questions to MS Proxy. Read the Proxy FAQ and use the USENET forum [news:microsoft.public.proxy] instead.

Other Useful Resources on the Net

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